Tempestuous Peru!

“Tempestuous” is defined as ‘characterized by strong and turbulent or conflicting emotions’. Synonyms for “tempestuous” are ‘turbulent, stormy, wild, lively, heated, explosive, frenetic, emotional, passionate, intense, frenzied, volatile, quick tempered and unpredictable”…yes! That’s certainly been our experience of Peru! Within a few hours of arriving in Peru I was tearful, fearful, anxious, angry… and just … Continue reading Tempestuous Peru!

Crossing the Andes

I’ve been following a number of blogs of overland travellers, making their way across South America. I’m curious about why there hasn’t been much written about people’s experiences with altitude sickness, because for Paul and I this has been a real challenge. I have researched so much about this affliction to try and deal with … Continue reading Crossing the Andes

Central America: Active volcanoes, hurricanes, zika, border crossings …and kindness

There are 7 countries in Central America - Belize, Guatamala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. As with so many aspects about this journey, we had pre-conceived ideas about this part of the world and boy, were we taken by surprise! It is the poorest region in the Latin Americas and with so … Continue reading Central America: Active volcanoes, hurricanes, zika, border crossings …and kindness

Guatamala… one word: Inspirational!

As we rode out of Mexico into Belize I was surprised to find myself teary…we had so loved our time in Mexico and the kinship we’d built with its people. The experience we’d had with the earthquake and seeing its devastation made me feel guilty for not staying to help in some way…what I did … Continue reading Guatamala… one word: Inspirational!