Early planning stages

A large world map is pinned to the wall in our dining room so meals are a time to discuss bucket lists, possible routes or simply to just dream…

What started as a 5-year plan soon became a 1-year plan once we realized there’s never a ‘right’ time and the best time to do anything you value is in fact ‘now!’ So the adventure of figuring out just how we’re going to do it and by when has begun.

Since deciding to tour by motorcycle, we have met so many incredible people who have completed so many different journeys and readily shared their experiences, learning and insights. We met a young Aussie called Mark at a motorcycle event in Gloucester and admired his bike’s pannier with the world map – a route marked out in black lines across the globe. After following their blog and exchanging emails, we were invited to spend a weekend with him and his partner Sanne.  It was incredible to spend time talking, asking questions and discovering more about their adventure which was travelling around the world on dirt bikes for 4 years. I was awed and encouraged that Sanne got her motorcycle license only weeks before they left on their world trip. A consistent theme from anyone we spoke to is just how possible it is and that the hardest part of the journey is simply taking that decision to start!

Our children have alternately encouraged us and questioned us about why…but mostly I think they’re a little in awe of our plans. Our route has changed a few times as they’ve implored us to avoid countries with obvious danger and often have suggested some pretty great ideas… so planning our trip has become a bit of a family affair.





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