Rare gems are hard to find

I am not going to pretend I know anything that goes on in a woman’s head. If I tried I may as well just get a spade and dig myself a hole in the back yard. However, I do know a rare gem when I see one, and so I wanted to share a few observations about my fabulous travel companion.

This is a girl who gave up with false eyelashes because the wind blew them into her eyes while riding the bike. I listened with interest as she reported tales of fluttering eyelashes in the wind, and eyelashes poking her in the eye. You have to love the determination.

Like all girls, you are going to find a bottle of hair conditioner somewhere in the luggage. I watched with curious joy and awe as she drops into a cold river in a forest and proceeds to perform the girly ritual of hair washing and conditioning. Not a moment of doubt. Just jump right in. Like most guys I take the slow lily-livered approach as the water gets up to the point of no return. It was chilly.

The “oil change”!! So what you say. Not for the first time I smile quietly as Maryna takes the time to go to the nail salon, get her nails neatly manicured and then proceeds to grab a wrench and drain the oil out of her motorcycle. A job well done after a couple of “f…k my hand”, and “f..k I hit my head”. You can imagine my proud smile when the lastest nail report is “f..k, I broke a nail” followed by that twinkle in her eye.

And for those of you who don’t remember, I knew I had found something rare in Cambodia. Maryna wearing a dress, standing on a motorcycle covered in red Cambodian dirt in the pouring rain. A rare gem indeed!!


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