Anxious to leave

We were doing final checks this morning, before heading to the airport with the bikes. Paul said he was feeling strange today, then he looked at me and asked:” Are you feeling anxious too?” I said:”Oh yes!”

We took a moment to talk and ‘be present’ about where we were really at. I loved Paul more deeply for sharing his fears. He explained that he suddenly felt overwhelmed at realising the responsibility of taking care of me on this journey, which suddenly seemed insane. I smiled at his selflessness and felt relieved – I’m not alone in all this…

Johan and Caity helped us with the process of preparing the bikes to be crated at the shipping agent, Matzen Cargo, down at Botany Bay. It entailed removing luggage, windscreens, mirrors and eventually also the batteries. The bikes also had to be empty of fuel. Johan was master packer with his huge roll of bubble wrap and Caity made sure we had drinks aplenty in the crazy heat.

Today was such a remarkable day as the realisation hit home that we’re actually doing this incredible trip! Paul summed up our lives: “No job, no car, no home (come Saturday) and as of today, no bikes!” Paul told me this evening that he thinks I’m amazing for being up for it all. I think he’s amazing for granting me this gift.




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