Breathtaking, rugged and wild

The town mayor was on stage, wearing a cowboy hat and introducing members of the band: The local accountant on trumpet, estate agent on drums, school counsellor on saxophone…and so it went, a band of locals gathered for the night. Then they started playing – oh boy! what a band –  there was hardly a bum left seated, most got up and danced. Invited by our hosts near Squamish to watch the ‘Blues-berries Band’, last night we were educated on how Canadians party!

Earlier that day, with no alternative to packing the bikes in the rain, we had left Vancouver in the foulest possible weather and I was exhausted from not having slept the night before.  But simply NOTHING could dampen our sense of excitement and of being alive – because after a year of planning, we were finally “actually on our way!!!”

The Sea to Sky Highway was spectacular, as we cautiously made our way towards Whistler. Our first experience of the insanely wild weather was a shock to the system. No amount of reading about it could have prepared us for actually riding loaded motorcycles through torrential arctic rain. The scenery was simply magnificent, breathtaking, rugged and wild.

Today we were gifted with a most spectacular day – clear blue skies which showcased Canada, the most insanely beautiful place. We rode out to Whistler, eating burgers for lunch as snow flakes gently floated down on us. Stopping at a view point on the way back, we saw two other bikers and as is customary, greeted each other as old friends would. Carol and Richard invited us home, offering some spare parts they had from a previous overland trip which may come in handy for our journey north.

Our experience of Canadians is that you could not find friendlier, more courteous or generous people. Paul and I are loving the way each day simply unfolds, holding plans loosely, soaking it all in.

6 thoughts on “Breathtaking, rugged and wild

  1. Thanx for mentioning us in your blog…hope you never have to use the spare gas! Have a marvellous and safe trip!
    Carol & Richard


  2. Loving your news Maryna. Ibfelt chilly just looking at the weather; I do hope you had the best clothing for it.
    Look forward to your next chapter
    Love you
    Hugs Larri


    1. Hi there, yes! What a great discovery…to answer your earlier question about the bags across the front of my bike – they are saddle bags from Andy Strapz. They hold the first aid kit and our medicines. Waterproof and the contents easily accessible. They also keep the icy wind off of me, keep my legs warm, so I highly recommend them for all the above reasons…do you want to connect via FaceBook? That would be grand. Please send me a friend request, I don’t know how to find you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to Maryna, I’ve sent you a friend request. I have the same profile picture for FB as I do for here. Thank you for the tank pannier info’ about to Google them 😉


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