Falling in love with Spain!

Paul and I were recently interviewed by Adventure Rider Radio and one question we were asked was: “When will you go home?” Well, after our first few days in Madrid we seriously thought the time had come to pack it all in… We arrived in Madrid fatigued from our month in South Africa – trying … Continue reading Falling in love with Spain!

Magical Moroccan madness!

We woke at 6am in Tanger Med to a rainy and windy day… we were leaving Morocco via the Ferry Port and were feeling anxious because our arrival had been so traumatic. We needn’t have worried, as our exit from Morocco turned out to be one of the smoothest border crossings yet. Two weeks earlier … Continue reading Magical Moroccan madness!

South Africa!

Robben Island is situated just off the coast of Cape Town and was used to isolate political  prisoners during the Apartheid era of South Africa. Today ex prisoners guide visitors to this historical site and it’s a moving experience to listen to the personal accounts of people imprisoned because they fought for racial equality. Our … Continue reading South Africa!

Chile’s ‘suffering’?

I recently shared how I could not wait to leave Peru, how much I struggled to enjoy that country and all the challenges it posed. Never before had I been challenged so deeply, on so many levels – challenged physically, challenged with respect to my riding ability, challenged with respect to the poverty, chaos and … Continue reading Chile’s ‘suffering’?


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Hi, I’m Maryna. In my early 50’s I followed my childhood dream of travelling the world… never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be doing it on a motorcycle with my husband Paul on our honeymoon…


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