Lessons Learned

29 September 2016

In taking this journey Paul and I want to discover and answer one main question: “Is this world mainly full of good (people) in it with a few bad or is this world mainly full of bad in it with a few good?” Venturing out of our comfort zone, being vulnerable to both the elements and the grace of others is one way to find out.

At this stage of our planning I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit of complete strangers. As part of our planning I have actively reached out to other motorcyclists or overlanders who have gone before and already done what we plan to do. People who have completed ’round the world trips, are currently planning for or already on ’round the world trips or people who have completed major trips on motorcycles in the countries we hope to experience. I’ve reached out to people via social media such as Face Book, twitter, their travel blogs or social networking groups such as Horizons Unlimited. A simple introduction of who Paul and I are and why we’re connecting – to find inspiration and guidance from others who have already embarked on journeys similar to that we are planning.