The Muskoka Foundation – Do good as you go

August 2016:

It’s so wonderful researching volunteer opportunities around the world and found this gem today! It’s truly inspirational to think of the ways in which we might use and gift our skills and talents as we travel and explore. “Do Good As You Go” resonates deeply…we want to travel slowly and with purpose, being open to experiencing the communities, people and places we travel to. To understand. To contribute. Our application to be an active member went in today. Volunteer Opportunities for Independent Travelers Around the World

September 2016:

Paul and I spoke with Elvis Tamakloe of the Muskoka Foundation today! It was exciting getting to know more about the people and programs of this incredible cause. We explored ways in which we might partner the Foundation on our travels and expand the reach of “Do Good as You Go!” We’ve been introduced to Tessa and Katie.

October 2016:

Our commitment to working with the Muskoka Foundation has grown in so many ways. After a number of discussions we are starting to clarify the ways in which we could contribute and realised it could start before our journey does! We offered to start contributing in immediate ways through networking and spreading the word about DGYG. Our preparation has included extensive networking with kindred spirits either planning for or on world trips by motorcycle. Paul and I have been invited to speak at the Horizons Unlimited meet in the Snowy Mountains in November, representing DGYG.